S. Ring

October 2013

I had never had any problems with my teeth, just the usual occasional filling but this all changed
after a filling had to be replaced. On the advice of my previous dentist I opted to have a ceramic
filling but this was the start of all my problems. The filling never actually felt quite right and I visited
my dentist two or three times explaining my discomfort, each time he filed the tooth down a bit and
said it should be OK.

He even took an X-ray, after the second visit to examine the tooth. About two to three weeks
after this visit a large white lump appeared next to my gum, I had an abscess. On this visit he just
announced that the tooth would have to come out and I would have to have a dental implant,
nothing else could be done and root canal treatment would not work. I was totally shocked
especially as I had been back several times. I decided to seek a second opinion and on the
recommendation of a family member I visited Mr Venter.

I immediately felt at ease with him and explained my situation. He examined my tooth and said he
would like to try root canal treatment as he felt it could work. He also explained that he could not
guarantee 100% that it would be successful. I felt he was very honest with me.
I had the root canal treatment and although it was unpleasant I have been delighted with the
results. Since then I have had no further problems with the tooth and I still have it. I feel Mr Venter
provides a very personal level of care, he always remembers me when I visit. He has restored my
faith in dentists.

S. Ring 7/10/2013