K. Webster

October 2013

Dear Willie.
I’d like to thank you and all your staff for the professional, and caring treatment plan that I have received from you.
When I first came to your practise I was desperate to save my teeth, after years of being with a dentist that I trusted completely. Being totally unaware that the trust was completely misplaced, and the treatment I had received was innapropriate. Leaving me in a position of nearly losing all my teeth, gum disease, and the need for many extractions. A very daunting time for me. With your help, I can now smile again. Something I was loathe to do before. Never wanting to expose my teeth.
The restorative treatment that I received from yourself, has restored my faith in a dentist. Your work has been precise, professional and extremely accurate. I have been so impressed with your knowledge, and how thorough your work is. The work that you have done for me is nothing short of a miracle, as we had doubts to start with if it was going to be possible, due to the poor state of the teeth you had to work with.
Having regular dentist trips since I was a child, You have by far been the most remarkable dentist. Only by being a client of yours, have I had the opportunity to realise how much more your work is distinguished to any other dentist I have ever been to. I am also very impressed by your consistent kindness and advise, which has been invaluable.
Thank you Willie. It has always been a total pleasure attending the many appointments I had to attend for you to do such a fine job. I would recommend you as a dentist to anyone, wether they haven’t  or have had the same dire problems as me. Without your help I wouldn’t have got this far, and am extremely grateful. Had you have been my dentist at the outset, I know I wouldn’t have experienced the problems, as you certainly wouldn’t have done cosmetic dentistry without dealing with problems first.
Thank you also to your nurse, and receptionist who have also been so kind, caring and professional. You have all turned a negative previous experience into a positive experience.
Kind Regards
K. Webster